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Matuse Spring Mens AKA Hoplite

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RANGE: 18 - 21C / 65 - 70F

Matuse's SAR Spring wetsuit (short legs & short arms) - AKA the "Hoplite G" - was designed by the US Navy's Search and Rescue Dive Units. Essentially, these operators wanted Matuse to make them the warmest and most durable spring wetsuit on the planet. And this is the result: 100% glued and blind stitched with Satin Sealed seams. Since it's made from Geoprene, this suit is automatically 30% warmer and lighter. And because it is 100% lined in HydraSilk it is also exceptionally light and uber-durable.

HYDRASILK: Silky smooth, hydrophobic ( i.e. rejects H2O ) material that's your windbreaker in the water. Makes you feel all buttery inside.

SATIN SEAL TAPE: A durable yet flexible SCS tape that provides extra seam durability that is soft and comfortable to your skin. Ichiban infused. 


We source our products from ethical and environmentally conscious brands and pride ourselves on offering an assortment of beautiful pieces that are gentle on the environment.

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