Board Rentals and Board Club Monthly Membership

We have all types of boards available, for Rent. From soft top to fiberglass in all shape's, style's and size's.

Boogie Boards, Skim Boards Available.

Kayak and SUP's for rent upon reservation.

Wetsuit's are available for Men, Women, and Children for rent or purchase.

Surfboard Rentals:
2 hours= $25.00
4 hours= $30.00
Weekly 3 days or more = $35.00 a day
Fiberglass and Epoxy Rentals:
2 hours=$35.00
4 hours= $40.00
Overnight= $60.00
Weekly 3 days or more = $40.00 a day
Body Boards Rentals:
2 hours =$20.00
4 hours= $25.00
Weekly 3 days or more=$30.00 a day
SUP Rentals:
4 hours=$60.00
Full day=$80.00
Weekly 3 days or more $70.00 a day
Wetsuit Rentals:
2 hours=$20.00
4 hours=$25.00
Weekly 3 days or more $30.00 a day
Kayak Rentals:
4 hours=$60.00
Full Day =$80.00
Weekly 3 days or more $70.00 a day
Kayak Tours:
Private tours and group tours $98 per person 
We charge $50 for drop off. We offer all shapes and sizes on all boards from fish to longboards. We also offer a weekly and monthly membership for surfers to come and change out boards daily to their liking. Please email or come in to find out more. Phone 424-252-1985