About Us

Have you ever heard that saying, "There are no strangers here; only friends you haven't met yet."

When you walk into Sea N' Soul Surf, you'll know what we mean.

Sea N' Soul Surf was founded by myself, John, and my wife Erica. We live locally here in Malibu, have 2 boys, and we are avid surfers, sailors, ocean conservationists and general outdoors enthusiasts.

We started Sea N' Soul Surf as a place to supply sustainable luxury items and create a creative gathering space for Malibu locals and tourists alike. We wanted to create a place to serve as a local gathering place for the creative and active community where you can shop for sustainable goods and meet likeminded individuals. 

To us, sustainable luxury is all about conservation and preservation of our Mother Earth and not sacrificing quality in the process. At Sea N' Soul Surf, we believe in this concept with everything we do. It's how we operate our business, how we curate our products, and how we treat every single visitor to our store.

So come on in! Make yourself at home—and if you're from out of town, rest assured that you'll always be welcome here when you return.

John, Erica, Sailor, and Wylder


David Olan, co-founder of Sea N’ Soul, was born in Los Angeles, grew up in LA & NorCal, and spent a lot of time with his father in Malibu. Influenced by the sun drenched hippies growing up in the incredible era of change, David was captivated by the movement and energy of the times. His parents and family taught him to appreciate the gifts of his natural and social environment. They always encouraged David to travel, gain an excellent education and excel in his field.


With inspiration and drive from the success of his parents, David became a lawyer and his practice, Olan Law, was founded in 1990 as a boutique civil litigation firm and has steadily burgeoned with success through the years.

Throughout his career, David continued to nurture the parts of life that he loved - thriving in his professional life while enjoying surfing and exploring his natural environment and all it had to offer. In 2002, blending his passion for law and surf, he started the Association of Surfing Lawyers which has since expanded internationally. David credits his passion for the environment to his father, as he was an active Sierra Club leader.

Malibu has always been important to David, due to his upbringing and love of surfing, and he moved permanently to Malibu in 2003. He has since been a prominent part of the community for many years.

John and David integrated their love for fashion, the environment, and the Malibu community when they came up with the Sea N’ Soul concert store.