All candles are hand poured by me, Lauren, in Southern California. I make and use these candles as a way to carve out moments in your routine to turn within, and nurture your mind and soul with daily rituals of self care.


My inspiration for candles comes from wanting to evoke certain feelings. Our sensory system is incredibly complex, and our sense of smell is the strongest in this system. That's why you can instantly remember a certain time in your life, or a certain place you've been to, simply by experiencing a certain scent. My goal is to create candles that evoke a sensory response to put you into a calm, safe, and peaceful environment simply by lighting a candle.

Clean Formulas

I am meticulous when deciding how to formulate a candle. I use 100% soy wax with no additives, which is a clean burning wax that does not emit any toxins into the air. I craft a fragrance profile that intertwines with the intention of the candle itself, and all fragrances are free of phthalates, carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, organ toxins, acute toxins, and do not fall under the California Prop 65 warning. Lastly, I use 100% cotton wicks that do not have a zinc core and burn completely clean. These are the cleanest burning candles you will find to ensure your home not only feels safe and peaceful, but is healthy for your body as well.


I developed a love and respect for the environment as a young girl growing up at the beach in SoCal and spending time every summer in the mountains of Sequoia National Park. I think it is my responsibility to the earth, as a manufacturer of consumers goods, to reduce the impact my company has on the environment and give back to it wherever I can. That is why I make sustainability a top priority:

- I use post-consumer recycled packaging to ship out your orders, and avoid plastic at all costs. Sometimes in the summer I must use cold packs and foil bubble mailers to keep the candles from melting in the summer heat, but I do so sparingly and only whenever absolutely necessary.

- I use soybeans grown in the United States. Soy is a clean burning wax, meaning no harmful byproducts in the air, and a renewable resource.

- I use 100% cotton wicks that do not have any zinc or metal core

- I personally vet every company I purchase raw materials from to make sure that I am not unconsciously supporting any companies that degrade our planet

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