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Sean Carter

7'2" Eno

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Sean Carter Note from the Shaper--

"The 7'2" ENO....this one is named after Brian Eno b/c the first one I ever shaped about 10 years ago was for a close friend who loves Brian Eno and we put a lam from one of Eno's album covers on the deck of the board. The name stuck! Anyhow, its kind of an homage to the 70's teardrop style single fin, but with modern foil, soft downrails and some vee out the tail. They are really fun boards, but more for intermediate to advanced surfers b/c of the pulled in pin tail, whereas my Intercontinental (the 7'10" mustard color one)  is more of an all around mid length suitable for all skill levels. I recommend going with at least a 7" fin, Greenough 4A or something similar. I also like riding mine with an 8.5 to 9" flex fin, like the Larry Allison Volan Flex Fins. I love this board and the color came out super cool on this one." 


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