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The Ugly The Ultimate NoseRider 9'2

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NOTE: Because of Ugly’s extraordinary stability throughout, all Ugly models are great for beginners too.

The Ugly Hybrid (H), Bob Purvey Design noserider maintains the integral shape of the original Ugly, authoritatively known as “The Ultimate Noserider.” 

The Ugly set the standard noserider style surfboard design and has become the measuring stick, copied by many shapers worldwide.

The “H” Ugly shape is the most advanced design to date.  It has The Ugly’s original wide, blunt nose, concaves underneath the nose, and kicked-up tail. Still, it has subtle modifications with the new rail shape that makes it turn faster and ride higher on the water’s surface, making the overall board thinner and lighter.  In addition, new Ugly’s are made with state-of-the-art materials, making them durable and a high-performance noserider. 

Given the polished finish of the standard H, or the sanded finish of the ultra-light H, you will own an Ugly that will appreciate over time.


We source our products from ethical and environmentally conscious brands and pride ourselves on offering an assortment of beautiful pieces that are gentle on the environment.

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