The UGLY 1966 Special edition 10'

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 the original design specification, is numbered, and comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Bob Purvey.

Check out The Ugly Legend, it’s storied historical past, and why the wide blunt nose gave The Ugly its name.  The Ugly, Bob Purvey Design, Special Edition specifications prototype noserider, became the production model that Bob rode to win the 1966 Morey-Pope professional noseriding contest, thereby first making The Ugly famous.

The Ugly, after three decades, has withstood the test of time and has become the standard-bearer for noseriding-style longboard shapes, as featured in Longboard Magazine’s “In Search of the Ultimate Noserider,” Nov/Dec 1996.

The design features the classic foam spreader for a broad nose, an extensive concave under the nose, a kicked-up tail, soft 50/50 rails, boxed or glassed-on fin, and Volan glass with a high gloss polish.


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