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Signature Tea Magick Sampler

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Witchcraft, herbalism and tea intersect beautifully at the seasonal nature of our natural world. Everything in cycles. The pagan holidays to honor our the cycles of nature, moon cycles and astrological patterns, seasonal growth of the herbs, flowers, and food we need to nourish us each season...its no secret that it's all interconnected. These are tools used for thousands of years, across cultures, to sustain the physical, mental/emotional, and spiritual wellbeing of humankind.

The Signature Tea Magick Sampler includes a blend for each of the 4 seasons, elements, and tarot suits to help you call in the energies you need as the seasons change. These teas are made to be a spell in a cup, and will serve beautifully as part of your ritual magick. 

Tins are about 50g or 16 cups of tea each--64 cups of tea total for the set.
They come stacked and wrapped in biodegradable shrink wrap, labeled according to their seasonal correspondences and ready to gift!

Signature Sampler includes:

CHAI OF THE BEHOLDER [Winter.Air.Swords]
Rose Cardamom Imperial Chai
Spicy. Sweet. Intoxicatingly Indulgent.
Call in: Presence, Compassion, Nurturing


BLUE DREAM [Spring. Water. Cups]
Color-changing Jasmine Green Tea
with Butterfly Pea Flower
Smooth. Refreshing. Floral Aroma.
Call in: Transformation, Renewal, Clarity


VENUS RISING [Summer.Fire.Wands]
Hibiscus Lemongrass
Refreshing tropical, tangy
Call in: Softness, Indulgence, Joy


HARVEST MOON [Fall.Earth.Pentacles]
Apple Spice Rooibos Chai
Crisp apple. Sweet bark. Spicy aromatics.
Call in: Grounding, Abundance, Prosperity


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