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On the beach or in the water the Miriam is the perfect all-around women's wetsuit on the planet. This warm water reversible suit is made with Matuse’s Hydrasilk Nylon and constructed with a 2MM body, and 1MM arms + side panels aka Ichiban infused.

At Matuse, we strive to make products and experiences Ichiban aka the best. We


MATERIAL: GEOPRENE (98% water impermeable, typically lasts 4-5 years, 2-year warranty and dries in about 1 hour.)

TEMP RANGE: 68 – 80F / 20 – 27C


design for longevity and performance and take this responsibility seriously. In 2006, we were the first to introduce premium Japanese limestone rubber to the surf market from Yamamoto Corporation called Geoprene. Matuse Limestone Geoprene is a completely closed cell structure, absorbing less water (98% water impermeable) which means it's lighter in and out of the water and takes less time to dry for your next session. This innovative material is layered with titanium-alloy solution to help retain your body's warmth and has the ability to stretch 350% its size while maintaining superb elastic memory aka the flexibility you need without losing shape. The combination of these features makes Geoprene the longest lasting wetsuit you will find in the world: warmer, lighter, more flexible and kinder to Mother Nature.

The Miriam with Geoprene allows you to focus on the right issues (like better surfing), and fuss less over the wrong ones (like being cold and uncomfortable). A premium Ichiban Matuse will get you out of bed in the morning aka more excuses to surf and less excuses not to.


We source our products from ethical and environmentally conscious brands and pride ourselves on offering an assortment of beautiful pieces that are gentle on the environment.

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