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Matuse Spring Suite D'Arc Womens

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RANGE: 18 - 21C / 63 - 69F

GEOFLEX: A limestone-based rubber that is engineered to provide maximum flexibility for an unparalleled fit and is kinder to mother nature. 

HYDRASILK: The next generation nylon, is a silky-smooth material that creates a hydrophobic (rejects H20) barrier. This barrier minimizes how much water is absorbed into its rubber core and protects against wind, keeping you warmer and drier, while making the suit lighter and longer-lasting. Plus it makes you feel all buttery inside.

SUSTAINABILITY: Each Geoflex wetsuit is Fair Trade certified, and contains reclaimed rubber tires, recycled neoprene, and water-based glue (solvent-free).

Geoflex with Hydrasilk aka the more sustainable Ichiban.


  • Hydrasilk Nylon inside + out
  • Innovative Wabi-Sabi seams around velcro plush panels to prevent thread pull
  • Newly exaggerated knee pads and foam density for added durability
  • SCS-Satin Seal Taping
  • Easy Access external pouch with key lanyard
  • Butterfly collar entry system
  • Rubber binding on the pull-over yoke to help minimize flushing
  • Front zipper YKK closure with snap guard 


We source our products from ethical and environmentally conscious brands and pride ourselves on offering an assortment of beautiful pieces that are gentle on the environment.

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